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What to Expect / How to Prepare

Before Your Infrared Sauna Visit:

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water and bring some with you if you choose. We'll also have water/drinks for sale in the lobby. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing to put back on after your sweat. We find that loose fitting apparel is easier to put on after you've detoxed your body.  

  • We'll start at a lower setting and increase heat as you're ready. You're in control of the heat settings to adjust at any time during your session.

  • The Urban Sweat team will check in 10-15 minutes into session to see how you're loving your session.

  • Your session will last 30 minutes with a couple of extra minutes to get un/dressed.

  • You can sauna in the buff unless you'd rather wear clothing. The suites are private so it's up to your comfortability.

  • Feel free to bring ear buds if you'd rather listen to your own thing. 

Before Your Cold Plunge Visit:

Bring a swimsuit

  • If you've utilized the sauna prior to your plunge, you are welcome to shower off in studio in private shower. 

  • The team can set a timer/clock for you to track your ongoing progress as it builds up over time. 

  • Please let us know if you prefer a team member to stay with you during your session to help you breath or...make this Instagram official!

  • How cold does the cold plunge get? As low as 39 degrees.

  • How long should I stay in the cold plunge and what protocols are suggested? See our About Cold Plunge page for all things cold plunge and suggested protocols. Your first visit can be your baseline if this is something new to you. Each visit, we'll help you progress. 

  • What are the benefits of cold plunge? See our About Cold Plunge page addressing all things cold plunge.

Before Your Red Light Therapy Visit:

  • Be sure to consult with a physician if you're currently under their supervision.

  • Share with the Urban Sweat team if there are any specific areas you want to focus on in/on the body. If you're interested in whole body treatment, you may want to wear minimal or no clothing in your private suite. If there are specific areas you want to focus on, it is best to have that area bare. Otherwise, wear whatever you're comfortable in. This is non-invasive treatment.

  • Your Urban Sweat team member will go over the intake form prior to every visit to ensure that:

    • You are not under the supervision of a physician and/or they have approved your visit.​

    • You are not pregnant, do not have a pacemaker, do not suffer from severe hyperpigmentation, do not have epilepsy and are not taking steroid creams, cortisol injections, nor tetracycline. 

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