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Slow Down the Aging Process

It seems these days that everyone is searching for the fountain of youth. From using magic creams, injectables, etc, health and youth is talked about more now than ever! Remember the days when your parents turned 40 and there were parties thrown with every 'over the hill' decoration found at Spencer's in the mall? Times have changed! Did you know that the ladies on Golden Girls were the same age as the most recent episodes of Sex and the City? Sixty is the new 40! Cheers to being fabulous!

But what are natural, easy, attainable ways to improve our longevity? The idea is to improve the number and length of your mitochondria. Remember those from 7th grade science class? Mitochondria is definitely the buzz word in the health span space. We naturally lose 10% with every decade of life unless we add a few easy ways to improve our mitochondria. You ever heard of 'use it or lose it'? Think about a broken arm or leg in a cast. Over the time spent in the cast, the muscle starts to atrophy/get smaller. That's because the muscle isn't being used, so it's important to use our muscles (mind and body).

Here are a few ways to slow the aging process:

  • Lift weights - This is key as we age, especially for women for bone health.

  • Walk - The most underrated way to maintain weight and keep our hearts strong.

  • Sleep - Sleep is the foundation of all health. A bad night of sleep leads to spikes in your hormones and blood sugar that make you want to snack, usually on sugar, that makes you crash so your energy is up and down only making you more tired, and crave more junk. We all know how we've felt after a night of bad sleep. Try to maintain regular bed time hygiene and hours.

  • Hormetic Stressors - Putting your body into extreme hot/cold situations cause your body to go into hormetic stress by stimulating the vagus nerve. Being in controlled, uncomfortable situations has many benefits that lead to improved sleep, less anxiety/depression, more resilience, controlled breath work, etc.

  • Fuel your body with nutritious foods & supplement where needed. Today our foods are grown in mass quantities, with antibiotics and sprayed with glyphosate. I could go on for days about this, but won't. Work with your physician to determine what nutrients are best for you and your body.


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