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Contrast Therapy for Longevity

Both infrared sauna and cold therapy have benefits on their own, but combined with a disciplined routine, the outcome is increased health span, more energy, better resilience, improved sleep, less anxiety, etc.

When the heat stress response is activated with infrared sauna use, your heat shock proteins increase. Heat shock proteins are present in all cells and critical to our immune system. Under 'normal' conditions, the body creates reactive by-products that can damage/disrupt the structure. These disorders are common features of cardiovascular, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntingdon's diseases. Exposure to heat repairs these proteins, and may even be protective against nerve-damaging diseases.

Sauna has been commonly used to detox to rid of toxic metals, mold and Lyme as well. In the last few years, we've learned that heat shock proteins can drive autophagy (a term commonly used when fasting - cellular cleanup). This can also be considered a 'biohack' as sauna use can create the same response as fasting/intermittent fasting/timed restricted eating.

Cold exposure stimulates the vagus nerve, which is largely responsible for the mind-body connection. It also plays a vital role in reducing inflammation and supports the gut microbiome. The reduction in inflammation with contrast (hot/cold) therapies decreases overall risk of chronic diseases.

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