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How do I decide which membership to purchase?

  • First timer - This is a new client  just to try it out. 

  • Flirt - This is a drop in rate if you're not ready to commit. 

  • Pack of 6, 10 or 20 - These packages offer you the flexibility to visit at your convenience up to 6, 10 or 20 times respectively for the specific service. These packages can be shared with a friend or partner and expire 1 year after purchase. 

  • Gift Certificates - print at home, send via email or purchase in studio.

  • Monthly memberships - Select the service type you want, determine how many visits per month you'd like to visit, and purchase. Memberships will be charged via autopay for 3 months on the date of the purchase date. Visits cannot rollover from month to month if they go unused. Memberships can be termed with 30 day written notice to

  • Packages and memberships can be purchased in a few ways: MindBody app, Urban Sweat website, by phone or text, or in studio. Do what is easy for you!

  • Don't see a membership or package that meets your needs? Let us know! We're happy to create something especially for you!

Can I share my membership with my partner?

  • Memberships, no. Packages, yes!

How long is each session?

  • Infrared sauna guests enjoy 30 minute sessions.

  • Cold plunge guests allow up to 15 minutes.

  • Red light therapy guests allow for 20 minutes.

When will I see results from infrared sauna, cold plunge and red light therapy? 

  • You will feel lighter and more relaxed immediately, and benefits will continue as you increase your weekly visits. Studies show that there have been improvements in sleep, skin glow/collagen production, cellulite reduction, wound healing, depression/mood, stress, etc with continued use. Check out the ABOUT pages for infrared sauna and cold plunge to see the associated benefits. Bonus points when used in combination with one another!

  • Studies show 52 minutes cumulative in the infrared sauna, 11 minutes in the cold plunge and 30 - 50 minutes in red light therapy maximize the benefits that you're seeking.

  • RLT - depending upon the area of the body you are focusing on will depend on speed of results. For muscle tightness, skin, wrinkles, scarring, etc., you may see results with 3 treatments per week for one month. For deeper work like low T, hormones, hair growth, and cellular health, results should come with a regular practice within 3 months. 

How much will I sweat?

  • Your first visit you will start on a setting that allows the pod to heat up to 130 - 150 degrees. It is common not to sweat as much on your first visit as your body acclimates to the heat. 

  • Once you've established a regular practice, it often takes 7 minutes for the heat to penetrate deeply for intramuscular work. You'll notice a pool on sweat on your core and upper legs. 

  • Note: It is totally normal to see splotching on your core and legs afterward. That is fresh oxygenated blood opening up your blood vessels. That's a good thing!

What should I wear to sauna, plunge or use red light therapy? 

  • To sauna, we recommend wearing loose clothing to make it easier to put back on post session. Most guests wear little/no clothing during your private session.

  • For cold plunge, we recommend a swimsuit, sports bra, shorts/trunks.

  • For red light therapy, it is recommended that the body part you are working on to be fully exposed. It is common to wear little/no clothing during your private session. 

How often should I sweat, plunge and red light therapy?

  • The more you sweat, the more benefits your body will see/feel. Once per day is common with many guests, but at least 2-3 x/week will show you results rapidly. Studies show cumulative 52 minutes per week is a good practice. 

  • Cold plunge is recommended at least once/week, but you can visit as often as you like.  Studies show cumulative 11 minutes per week is a great practice for maximum benefits.

  • Red light therapy is recommended 3 - 5 times per week. 

  • Please see what to expect/how to prepare for your visit for sauna, cold plunge and red light therapy. 

How do you clean the sauna between each use?

  • Urban Sweat staff will clean your sauna before and after each guest use. We use soap, water to clean the pillow, pad, etc. We often use a spray of lavender, witch hazel and alcohol. We wash towels before & after every use, the pad you lay on is waterproof + has an anti-microbial memory foam that helps to keep the sauna clean. 

How do you clean the cold plunge between each use?

  • The cold plunge tub has filters that take up to 6 minutes between each cleaning cycle that your Urban Sweat team will conduct before and after each guest use. A more in depth cleaning is done by staff at the beginning of each day. Water is replaced weekly or as needed, with ongoing maintenance (testing pH) to ensure the highest quality water. 

What if I'm claustrophobic?

  • Your head is not in the sauna, and the top portion of the pod is able to be moved up/down by the guest to their comfortability. 

Who should NOT use the sauna:

  • If you're under 18, pregnant, not feeling well/have a fever, etc. You must consult with your physician if you have had breast augmentation, abdominal surgery (ex. tummy tuck and c-section), breast feeding or are under the current supervision of a physician. 

  • Note: Consult your practitioner, but if getting botox, please wait 36- 48 hours to sauna. 

Who should NOT use RLT:

  • If you're under 18, pregnant, have epilepsy, take tetracycline, steroid creams, cortisone injections or have a pacemaker. 

  • Note: Consult your physician if you're currently under their supervision.

How do I terminate my membership?

Can I pause my membership? 

  • Allowed to freeze up to one month by speaking with a team member or emailing . Please see termination of membership above. 

Urban Sweat Studio notes: 

  • We are stoked to see you in studio, but please enter the studio using your inside voices. Many of our guests are enjoying their only 30 minutes of silence with us in their sauna suite. Please be respectful of noise in the hallways. 

  • Please bring ear buds if you wish to listen to something other than the music in the suites. You'll still receive the benefits of sound therapy via binaural beat. Please, please, please do NOT take a phone call or listen to anything on speaker. Take this 30 minutes to unplug. TikTok can wait!

  • If you are a no show for your appointment, you will be charged one of your passes (for members) or $25 (for non-members with card on file). We hate to do it and we know you hated to miss your appointment, but a fee must be charged in reservation of the suite we held for you. As a small business, every appointment time is valuable.

  • Things come up and some times you must late cancel, please let us know 4 hours in advance if possible. Please call or text us to avoid the late charge. 

  • We dig a walk in visit! To play it safe, you're more than welcome to call/text us 629.256.3850 any time to check availability. 

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